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Doing everything you can to keep your motorcycle from being stolen should be a top priority; so, what are you doing in terms of securing your ride? Security locks for your motorcycle are an easy and very visible deterrent to would-be thieves. The EternaLock motorcycle lock is a small investment toward keeping your motorcycle safe. Motorcycle locks work much like locks for bicycles; also, much like bicycle locks, they are operationally friendly. EternaLock motorcycle locking systems are offered in a variety of styles and sizes accommodating the locking preference for all individuals. Manufacturing EternaLock motorcycle locks from complete stainless steel is an added benefit in itself as that alone provides a high-security level.

Protect Your Motorcycle with an EternaLock secure locking system
Motorcycle Shackle Lock

Motorcycle Cable Lock
Triple-Shot Lock Body with 3" Shackle
Part #: TSBS5003000
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Why Shackle Lock?
Shackle locks use a solid bar lock housing unit and rounded shackle. Shackle locks are manufactured from stainless steel and are rust/corrosion resistant. The operating key cannot be removed until the motorcycle lock is fully engaged. Motorcycle shackle locks can be purchased in various lengths and are best suited affixed on the drive wheel of the intended motorcycle.
Motorcycle Cable Lock

Motorcycle Cable Lock
1/4 Cable 2' Long
Part #: SCAL25024
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Why Cable Lock?
The cable locking system is offered in a variety of diameter sizes and lengths accommodating the vast styles of bikes on the market. A unique feature is the fact that the cable lock is manufactured in complete stainless steel making it extremely difficult to cut and is rust/corrosion resistant. EternaLock’s motorcycle locks are not combination locks. It is an all in one locking system eliminating the need of additional locking pieces. EternaLock’s cable lock is a lighter weight then our chain lock but provides the same sense of security.
Motorcycle Chain Lock

Motorcycle Cable Lock
1/4" Chain 2' Long
Part #: SCHL25024
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Why Chain Lock?
Chain locks are made from solid bar stock and are not your typical padlocks. Chain motorcycle locks are longer then our cable and shackle locks but provide just as much durability and versatility as EternaLock’s other locking systems. EternaLock’s chain locks are manufactured from stainless steel and the breaking strength makes this chain lock an ideal way to secure your motorcycle. Eternalock’s chain lock has more flexibility for intertwining it through the frame or wheels of the bike. The EternaLock’s chain lock is compact in the sense that it will fold up nicely in your saddle bag.
DISCLAIMER: All Eternalock Products are strictly sold as Theft deterrents and Eternalock is not responsible for any losses resulting from the use of its products.
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